May 20, 2007

The Wayback Machine - The Inspection

Ok so I thought it might be a good idea to revisit the Inspection as Glenn was the best inspector on the planet and I'm just looking at our report and realizing how good he really was. So even though this is being written in May of 2007 lets pretend its December 12, 2006 shall we.

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Wow its been a while ...

Sorry about that, but I can only claim exhaustion! I should have tons to tell you as its been about a month since I posted but mostly it can be summed up in one word ... Gardening.

We have a huge lot 1/3 of an acre and although most of it is taken up by buildings or cement or asphalt, there is a large amount of grass, grass that hadn't been cut in years. The dandelions had a forest going on and the other plants were just so neglected it wasn't funny. So Tim bravely cut the lawn. The first time it took about two weekends of non-stop mowage. The lovely new lawn mower was seriously clogged with moss. Most of the lawn actually was moss until we started treating it with a combination of grass seed, moss killer and grass fertilizer.

While Tim was busy taking care of the lawn areas I was busy planting some stuff. First I put some bog rosemary by the gate because its good luck, I also put some heather plants in with them. Hopefully they won't fight as apparently they are the same family and enjoy the same type of soil ... the things you learn. Around the fence on the perimeter of the south lawn (not really as impressive as it sounds) Kathy planted some lovely pansies which give some much needed colour after all that green. At the base of the trees (those are the 3 trees from the title of this blog) Tim transplanted some of the Fire Andromeda shrubs (shown here) from the area that we are going to use as a food garden to places in the yard that already had some of the Andromeda and needed filling in. I also planted some red Gerber Daisies at the base of one of the apple trees (not one of the 3 trees) which seem to be food for the slugs and or something that doesn't like the flowers as they seem to be pecked off.

We also planted quite a few roses around the house and when I say we I mean Kathy, she really did an amazing job and on one side, by Canada Way, we have white roses on the other side, by Forest, we have red and some yellow and other colours. The planter on the side by Canada Way I am filling with white flowers, yup even some Gerber Daisies. I don't know how it will work out but it seemed like a neat idea when I came up with it. Once stuff gets blooming I'll take some pictures. By the way I'm working on a garden map so once I get that done I'll post it here. Just so you can see the layout and then sorta understand what is happening.

At the base of the 3 trees we have a variety of plants, there is Fire Andromeda, Roses, ferns (which Sooty has a personal war with) and some some stuff I don't really know but I'll let you know when I figure it out.

On the stairs down to the small "birdbath" altar were some flower beds that were hidden by the evil dandelions. Now I say evil even though I quite like dandelions, after all they are yellow and pretty and require no maintenance ... whats not to like. However our neighbour hates them and as our dandelion 'clocks' as I've just learned they are called tend to blow over her yard, planing more of these no maintenance flowers. So in the interest of good relations with our neighbours I have launched an all out attack against this evil. My arsenal so far includes a cool 'weeding contraption' which leaves huge holes in the grass much to Tim's amusement (... not), another cool contraption which replaced the well known spade and, of course, Sooty's amazing shaking ability. So basically what usually happens in the flower beds is I dig out the dirt to loosen it up usually with my cool contraption, then I hand Sooty the offending 'flower' and he shakes it until all the dirt is off of it, then tries to eat it. I usually get it away from him however there have been a few instances of madly racing around the yard after him at which point I figured I probably needed a sieve so Tim got me this lovely thing. The aforementioned weeding contraption is only used on the lawns and has to be followed up with soil with grass seed and fertilizer in it so as to fill in the holes. So far we are winning but there are still a few 'clocks' out there that need to be cleaned ... wait what? is that where that saying comes from. I am amazed though at the roots of a dandelion, some are well over a foot in length and thicker than my thumb at their base. Anyway now that we have dug up most of this stuff we are trying to figure out what to put in there. I have planted some Lavender by the stairs mostly to indicate where the actual stairs are and also as I love Lavender and it loves sun, which it should get a lot of right there.

We still have some raspberries and blackberries, tomatoes and potatoes to plant. The potatoes should break up the land for next year and heck I love eating all of these so it should be yummy around here in fall.

So although it doesn't seem like we have done much we have been working harder than dogs ... as Sooty has just been lying in the sun watching us I can attest to this. We have filled at least 20 garbage bags of yard waste in the last few weeks, yes I gave the garbage man a present well a tip to buy coffee that morning anyway. The lawn is beginning to look lovely and now its raining so we are trapped inside. Oh well I'll just have to go and play WoW.

Love to everyone

Some of the above flower pictures are care of

April 6, 2007

Happy Chocolate Weekend

Or as its more well known, Easter! Sooty is still enjoying the plastic eggs that Tim and I received from Kathy. We didn't let him eat the candy, energetic puppy on sugar ... yup thats just what I need. Tim is hoarding his skittles and mine are long gone, such is the way of candy in our house.

To give you guys a bit of a better understanding of the house I have done up a rough plan (yes Tara I used tables in Word and as my mouse awol my keystroke addiction came in handy). The picture on the left (click it to enbiggen it) shows you the way the house looked when we got it, note the confessional. I have highlighted the fireplace room just so you guys will know what I am talking about further on. But thats enough of the boring stuff for now.

Today dawned a little cloudy but warmer than we have seen in a long while. Kathy keeps telling me that the weather that we get on Good Friday is the weather that we will see for the next 40 days, seems good to me. I awoke to Sooty hurtling his way onto the bed and attacking my hair, which it seems offended him. He must have no taste. We then spent 5 minutes tussling on the bed with me saying "Sooty don't bite" about a million times before I gave up on the concept of sleep and took him downstairs. Now in his defense Tim did open the door to let him in. In defense of Tim he had been looking after him for two hours and I think outdid my first 5 minutes with the whole "Sooty don't bite" thing. We got outside and it was lovely and warm and we spent about 2 hours cleaning up the yard and chasing bugs. Ok I did the chasing ... kidding! After raking up 4 large garbage bags of twigs and pinecones and misc yard bits. It was getting a bit warm and so I took Sooty upstairs for a dognap and went to help Tim and Kathy with the drywall.

The fireplace room was attacked with gusto, to give you an idea of what we have done so far, we have removed the outer doors of the confessional and the wall surrounding the doors, leaving up one wall up which we have to leave as there is wiring running in it. Then Tim, Kathy and I started to drywall. Drywall is heavy, anyone tells you anything else and they are lying. We have 6 sheets of 4x10 drywall sitting in the Dining Room waiting for themselves to be put into the Fireplace Room. Tim and Kathy put up a sheet in what was the wall to the confessional and honestly it looked fabola. We were beginning to see what the room would look like.

As it was a nice day out and lovely and warm we then gathered together to paint the chimney for the soon to be installed fireplace. It was a galvanized metal so we wanted to make it match the house a bit and settled on painting it a flat black. While Tim and Kathy painted I took pitty on the puppy and pulled him out of his room for a romp on the grass. He chased a fat bumble bee around the yard while I flaked out on the grass in the sun and tried to hold on to his leash.

More updates tomorrow, promise. Hugs to all and happy easter.

(\_/) Bunny Says
(o.O) "Eat your carrots,
(^ ^) and get cute like me!"

April 3, 2007


Ok sooooo very tired. Well actually the real reason I've been remiss is that I finally picked up a book recommended to me by my Aunt Cynthia. The Algebraist by Iain Banks is extremely good, quite funny and witty and yet it has aliens. All together a perfect read for Sam.

Tonight Tim and Kathy replaced the handles on the cupboards in the Basement. A large undertaking let me tell you, approximately 80 handles were used, but not harmed. This was after some work from them a few days ago getting this monstrosity out from under the stairs. Its a compressor / freezer unit from the walk in freezer. I on the other hand spent some time with Sooty in the yard teaching him how to drop and then sit before I would throw his toy. It seems to have gotten through to him, well when he wants to acknowledge that anyway.

Yesterday we were all working in the soon to be "Fireplace Room", currently there is no fireplace but we are calling it that anyway. I was removing that 'lovely' oak strip flooring (my fingers still hurt) and Tim and Kathy were removing the rather strange wall board from the old confessional. The drawing is by Tim and I think a fair rendition of the over all concept!

Sunday was fabulous here, we did something I haven't done since I was a kid and I really really enjoyed it. Yup we did yard work. All those tree branches that fell in the great windstorm of "Aught Six" are now stacked neatly beside the house in nice little manageable logs. Except for one which is acting as chew toy / air freshener in Sooty's room. The whole place smells of pine which is lovely as I didn't even spray! He actually drags it out into the hallway to gnaw on it. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that but I do have one of him relaxing nicely in the hall just outside of the computer room. Isn't that lino lovely?

Saturday was the end of school for me which is sad but good at the same time. I really enjoyed taking the course even though I didn't really learn anything of great importance it was easy and fun. The reason its good that its over is now I have another full day that I can work on the house and hang out with my Squishy (that's Tim fyi not Sooty ~ although I'll enjoy his company too).

Lots of love to all!

March 25, 2007

Squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek

So goes Sooty's newest toy. He is so spoiled!

Ray just an FYI Tim found your comments hilarious and still bursts out laughing when I remind him of them. Also any chance you know how to put up a fence? *wink wink*

Anyway house, what is happening?

Yesterday Tim and Kathy managed to get the actual freezer unit out of the walk in freezer. Tim was also removing excess electrical that we seem to have all over the basement. To do this he has to turn off the power to that area of the house and then cut the wires, cap them with barrettes and then put a junction box in to hold it all. Then he turns on the power again. If there is a *fitzzzz* sound its not done right! Although we haven't heard anything like that. Wayne our electrician friend will probably have to drop by just to inspect them and let us know that they are all safe. Another thing that we have added to the house is photo sensitive lighting on the exteriors. Making sure that we are only turning those lights on when we need them. I had a look at the garage this evening after twilight and they were magically on! While I was in school Tim and Kathy managed to find a lovely place called Jack's which has the actual bath tubs we are looking for, cast iron and everything. They also stopped by Habitat for Humanity to see if they would like some of this excess stuff that we have, i.e. the gas furnace and water heater from the garage, the wood flooring that we are ripping up in almost perfect pieces, and some bricks that we have in a flower bed. They seemed quite interested so hopefully some of this stuff can get reused rather than just throwing it away.

Today it was a general clean up day at the house. Tim was on pressure washing duty and got the front retaining wall looking nice and fresh. He had a go on his car wheels at the same time. Kathy was doing laundry (god bless her) and painting the basement yet again, what can I say there are a lot of walls. I finished up Kathy's curtains and cleaned up the kitchen and sun room with the debris left there from taking out some of the drywall in the main floor bathroom. I also cleaned upstairs sweeping out the pine needles and washing floors.

Tim was also attempting to remove the refrigeration unit / compressor on the exterior of the walk in freezer. We hit a bit of a snag when the only blade for the reciprocating saw broke but after another emergency trip to Home Depot (we should own shares) for 10 blades, item number 4811, we managed to continue on the job. We still don't have it out though and as the table it is sitting on is cemented into the floor (yup not kidding) we will have to cut the legs of it off and work from there.

As for the other project that I was going to try to complete this weekend being removing the last of the oak flooring from the fireplace room, well that was put on hold in favour of cleaning up everything else. We seriously need to haul away that drywall though, but I suppose we will get to that at some point.

March 24, 2007

And we are down again ... oy

Ok so last night I came home prepared to post on all the facinating items of the day, only to find that the tubes were once again disconnected. I talk, of course, about those brand new internet tubes hooked up to the house just 2 days ago. Well it was not to last, we made the mistake of adjusting our service and it seems like the disconnect order was received loud and clear but the reconnect at a fabulously higher speed got lost along the way.

I'm at school now (yup remembered this week) and so I'm posting from the lovely BCIT campus here in Burnaby with my chai latte, just senic blocks away from my house and I have to say I'm loving this school thing. Who would have thought me, someone who hated the early years of learning would voluntarily do this ... for amusement.

Sick and twisted I know.

Glad to see some people are still reading /wave @ Ray, Cynthia, Tara and everyone else! Thanks for reading.

For all of you who are in the GVRD (you know who you are) check out a soon to be super fun place to hang out. I rode my first segway scooter the other day and it was super amazing fun. Almost traded Sooty for one ... but then he peed on Ray's floor so I doubt he would accept the trade.

So right house, whats happening with the house. Well yesterday was an apartment day. Kathy spent way too much time at the old apartment cleaning that for the official end of the month move out. She gets about a million gold stars for that as neither Tim or I were looking forward to it. At the very least she deserves an all expenses trip somewhere but she won't accept it! Stubborn Lady!

Tim and I spent the day at work of course, Tim doing its management meetings thing and me trying to understand why a document doesn't want to open in Word ... even though I asked very nicely. I didn't even hit it this time or anything. We then met up at the old apartment and surveyed Kathy's work. I packed up a few more things and prepared it for the final truck rental next week so it can just be loaded and taken away. Then Kathy deserved a reward, so we took her over to her old haunt the Sylvia Hotel and had a lovely dinner. The Sylvia is great for those wanting a lovely meal with a great view. I recommend the Ceaser Salad and Kathy recommends the liver ... *shudder*.

Sooty had been an amazing puppy for Tim when he stopped by after work to feed him his dinner and have a wander around the yard, doing everything the way he was supposed to and then going back into his room with a minimal of whining. He was of course jubilant to see us once we all got back to the house and enthusiastically played a game of Piggy in the Middle with Tim and I for about half an hour. We were both pooped and he was still trying to kill his monkey! The monkey is the horrid green thing I mentioned earlier. I think I'm going to try to track down a stuffed animal version of a duck. That way when he shakes it like he does he doesn't look like a demented dog flailing a green monkey with no nose or ears. Rather he looks like he is doing exactly as his breed has programmed into him for hundreds of years. He of course wouldn't leave our sides until we put him away for the night.

Sooty is a wonderful puppy and we are more than lucky to have him, I just have to sort out the random messes and biting, then he will be a fabulous member of the family. I'm quite surprised how much his personallity is similar to my previous cocker spaniel Sunny. He is lovely and cudily and so happy to see us ... again Sam not a puppy blog! LOL

The house is still standing, getting used to everything slowly, this weekend my to do list consists of finishing curtains in the basement and ripping up the rest of the oak flooring in the fireplace room. The basement is really coming along as Kathy has been painting up a storm and we have figured out a fix for the mysterious wall over the cupboards ... long story we would have to show you. Tim is going to be marking the front driveway for a fence to cut it off, so we can reclaim that land as grass or trees to block the sound from Canada Way, although I find it nice and relaxing. He was also going to look into slate for the basement entrance way and stairs to the kitchen. If its too expensive we will go with concrete and dye it to look like slate. The reason for this is my Father and I stayed at a lovely B&B near Bath last time I was in England and they had a lovely slate floor on the main level. I love the look of it and I may have convinced Tim it is the way to go. Now to convince him of the bead board in the stairway. We are also going to look into night lights and photo cells so that we can regulate all of the lights in the house. There are way too many to keep track of and we are expecting a rather shocking electricity bill (no pun intended ... ok maybe just a little).

Well hopefully I'll have the internet up at home again and I can wander around the house taking pictures for you to show you what we are up to.

<3 to all,

PS Father hopefully I'll be on tomorrow *crosses fingers*

March 22, 2007

Yay I'm back =)

You will have noticed I've caught up on my posting now as we have the internet at the house finally! I'll try to keep you guys more up to date now. =)

March 21, 2007

Part Deux

So like no internets … /sigh. Kathy has internets but Sam and Tim made the Internet Gods angry so the “order” wasn’t put through. Seriously I’m suffering from withdrawl from the entire thing.

However we have a phone … so you can now phone us. What’s that? Will we turn the phone on? … No why would we do that? Then people might phone us … oh what you mean who? Well anyone really! No can’t do that!

I did however check my email at Kathy’s in the two minutes before I was banished cuz Survivor was on. If you didn’t get an answer sorry >.< but I only had two minutes so I prioritized.

Oh interestingly I only got 96% on my mid term … freaking fracking (too much BSG I know) stupid highlighting thing that I missed the instruction on.

Tim misses the internet too. So does Sooty as he wants to meet his online spaniel friends. And I want to look up Sit Happens … oy! And I wanna order a mouse pad for Tim with this image on it cuz he likes it!

Cross your Fingers

I should have the internet tonight and then I'll do a big update!

Cross your fingers that Telus comes through in a pinch.