April 6, 2007

Happy Chocolate Weekend

Or as its more well known, Easter! Sooty is still enjoying the plastic eggs that Tim and I received from Kathy. We didn't let him eat the candy, energetic puppy on sugar ... yup thats just what I need. Tim is hoarding his skittles and mine are long gone, such is the way of candy in our house.

To give you guys a bit of a better understanding of the house I have done up a rough plan (yes Tara I used tables in Word and as my mouse awol my keystroke addiction came in handy). The picture on the left (click it to enbiggen it) shows you the way the house looked when we got it, note the confessional. I have highlighted the fireplace room just so you guys will know what I am talking about further on. But thats enough of the boring stuff for now.

Today dawned a little cloudy but warmer than we have seen in a long while. Kathy keeps telling me that the weather that we get on Good Friday is the weather that we will see for the next 40 days, seems good to me. I awoke to Sooty hurtling his way onto the bed and attacking my hair, which it seems offended him. He must have no taste. We then spent 5 minutes tussling on the bed with me saying "Sooty don't bite" about a million times before I gave up on the concept of sleep and took him downstairs. Now in his defense Tim did open the door to let him in. In defense of Tim he had been looking after him for two hours and I think outdid my first 5 minutes with the whole "Sooty don't bite" thing. We got outside and it was lovely and warm and we spent about 2 hours cleaning up the yard and chasing bugs. Ok I did the chasing ... kidding! After raking up 4 large garbage bags of twigs and pinecones and misc yard bits. It was getting a bit warm and so I took Sooty upstairs for a dognap and went to help Tim and Kathy with the drywall.

The fireplace room was attacked with gusto, to give you an idea of what we have done so far, we have removed the outer doors of the confessional and the wall surrounding the doors, leaving up one wall up which we have to leave as there is wiring running in it. Then Tim, Kathy and I started to drywall. Drywall is heavy, anyone tells you anything else and they are lying. We have 6 sheets of 4x10 drywall sitting in the Dining Room waiting for themselves to be put into the Fireplace Room. Tim and Kathy put up a sheet in what was the wall to the confessional and honestly it looked fabola. We were beginning to see what the room would look like.

As it was a nice day out and lovely and warm we then gathered together to paint the chimney for the soon to be installed fireplace. It was a galvanized metal so we wanted to make it match the house a bit and settled on painting it a flat black. While Tim and Kathy painted I took pitty on the puppy and pulled him out of his room for a romp on the grass. He chased a fat bumble bee around the yard while I flaked out on the grass in the sun and tried to hold on to his leash.

More updates tomorrow, promise. Hugs to all and happy easter.

(\_/) Bunny Says
(o.O) "Eat your carrots,
(^ ^) and get cute like me!"

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